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Melbourne Hot Water Systems

Providing electric or gas hot water services from a range of leading providers, the team of experienced and qualified tradesmen from Victorian Hot Water can be onsite within a fast time frame to deliver and install your new unit. For the most convenient and affordable hot water systems, contact Victorian Hot Water today.

We provide a range of industry leading hot water service brands

Gas storage hot water systems:

  • High water pressure
  • Gov’t rebates available when replacing electric hot water with 5 star rated gas storage unit
  • Excellent gas efficiency on 5 star models
  • Cheaper costs compared with solar and continuous flow systems
  • Wide range of sizes and prices depending on size and quality
  • Larger in size compared to continuous flow
  • Tank can take approx. 40mins to heat if tank is full of cold water

Gas continuous flow units:

  • Units are small in size and compact with no tank. Can be placed on a wall out of view
  • Wide range of hot water delivery between 16-32 litres a min
  • Government rebates available when replacing an existing electric water heater
  • Excellent gas efficiency
  • Never runs out of hot water
  • No pilot light
  • Heats water instantly as you need it
  • Only uses gas when you turn the tap on
  • Up to 10 year warranty on units
  • Medium water pressure
  • Uses electricity to ignite burner and run fan so power point is needed at unit
  • Needs larger gas line compared to gas storage units
  • Water can take longer to reach the tap compared to mains pressure storage units

Electric storage units:

  • High water pressure
  • Great range of tank sizes to suit all needs
  • Single or twin element models available
  • Less energy efficient than gas hot water systems

Solar hot water systems:

  • Excellent gov’t rebates available for all solar hot water systems
  • Medium to high water pressure
  • Most energy efficient water heater available
  • Continuous flow boosted units available
  • Suitable in all areas as frost free panel systems are available
  • Excellent warranties on both panels and storage/booster
  • Many different sizes systems available to suit all homes
  • Available in both gas and electric systems
  • Uses the most space of all hot water systems
  • Panels must be on a north facing roof

Call the experts at Victorian Hot Water for the best gas and electric hot water systems in Melbourne today!